Details and Rules

General Details

The League will be divided into divisions, with a maximum number of five players in each division. Each player is responsible for contacting another two players in his/her division, i.e:

Player Number 1 contacts Numbers 2 and 3
Player Number 2 contacts Numbers 3 and 4
Player Number 3 contacts Numbers 4 and 5
Player Number 4 contacts Numbers 5 and 1
Player Number 5 contacts Numbers 1 and 2

Each league session will last for one calendar month. During that time players are expected to play four matches. Opponents should be contacted at least one whole week before the session ends. Please use the above mentioned guide to make the necessary contacts. Matches are to be played as agreed by the two players. If you are not contacted within the specified time you may claim the match 3-0.

All match results are to be recorded on a “Results sheet” and returned to me. Please do not enter results directly onto the League match sheets. I will update the match sheets at least twice per week. At the end of each League period, promotion and demotion will be carried out as follows:

a) The two top players in each Division will be promoted and the bottom two will be demoted, with the following provisos:
i) To be promoted you must win at least two matches.
ii) Win maximum points and you could be moved up by two Divisions.
iii) Win no points and you could be demoted by two Divisions.
iv) Win no matches and you could be demoted by one Division.

b) Failure to play at least two matches will be a sufficient reason for you to be dropped from the next League session. Dropped players could rejoin later.

Players wanting to join this League are to complete an application form and return it to me. You will be included in the next session. Players’ contact details are held by me .

If you wish to join the League without starting at the bottom why not attempt a flying challenge. Challenge, play and beat someone in any league position and you will be entered in the league as near as possible to the beaten player’s position. A maximum of 3 challenges are allowed. Result sheets are to be completed and returned to me.


1. Courts are to be booked in the usual way. Membership of the League will not entitle a player to any concessions regarding bookings or cost of courts.

2 Matches are to be played over a 40-minute period or as agreed by both players before the start of the first game. Each match will be the best of five games, ie: the player to win three games will be the winner of the match. In the event of neither player winning the match in the specified time, points will be scored for completed games only. Possible final results are:

3-0 * 3-1 * 3-2 * 2-2 * 2-1 * 2-0 * 1-1 * 1-0
6-0 * 5-1 * 4-2 * 3-3 * 4-2 * 5-1 * 3-3 * 4-2

3. Should injury occur during a match, completed games won by the injured player will count, but the uninjured player will be the winner of the match. Thus if A is leading 2-0 and is then injured, the match result will be 3-2 to B.

4. Any player failing to turn out for an arranged league match will forfeit the match 3-0. A player who has tried repeatedly to arrange a game against an opponent and found this to be near impossible may record a 3-0 Walkover on a Results sheet.

5. It will be the responsibility of both players to arrange their match and to ensure that the result sheet is returned to me. All results must be received by the evening of the last day of the session. Late results will not be accepted.

6. Current S.R.A. rules apply. Any dispute relating to the rules or the interpretation of them must be settled by the players concerned.

7. A yellow dot ball must be used unless another one is agreed upon by both players.

8. The Leisure Centre Management reserves the right to alter any of the above General Details and Rules at any time without prior notice.

GOOD LUCK everyone.

Squash League Organiser
21 May 2008

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